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ike-turner-cocaine-overdose I just re-watched the movie What’s Love Got to Do With It, and in case you’ve never seen it, it’s one of history’s all-time great romances.

The movie is based on the true-life story of dashing band-leader Ike Turner, and his singing protégé Tina Turner. In the rags to riches story, Ike plucks small-town girl Tina from obscurity and helps to shape her into a super-star.

I’m not usually a fan of love stories, but this one is different. In a world of throw-away marriages and one-night stands, it was refreshing to see a tale of timeless love that’s stronger than any upper-cut, roundhouse kick or beating with a boot.

Actually, parts of the movie are more like an aborted snuff film, and although Ike denied he gave Tina the beatings depicted in the movie, I just found an interview the L.A. Times did with him before he died that sort of disputes that.

My favorite quote was the one where Ike tries to rehabilitate his image, but it’s best explained in his own words:

“I only punched her one time, and most of the time, she brought the abuse on herself. It was always because she was looking sad and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with her. She would take that attitude with her on to the stage and that would really depress me. So after the show, I’d end up slapping her or something. . .”

Hell, when you say it like that, Ike, it makes perfect sense. Here’s hoping you’re now beating your angel wife in heaven.