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Actually, that dump truck was driven by a dude. A pretty cool dude, at that. Last Halloween Ricardo Edwards, an employee of the City of Fredericksburg, decided to pop in and check on a local resident. Luckily the resident wasn’t at home at the time, and no one was hurt.

Mr. Evans was just arrested on an outstanding warrant because toxicology results showed he had both PCP and marijuana in his system when he crashed into that house, and I for one am impressed. It’s one thing to do your job high but throwing PCP into the mix takes balls.

I used to own a house a stone’s throw away from this place, but my wife made me sell it after a guy got shot and some bum got stomped to death on the canal path. I was actually sad to leave. I had thrown so many beer bottles into the canal, they were starting to break through the water and form a little dam. I just needed a year or two more to connect both banks.