Ashley2 Ashley Weller used to be a giant fatty, but when she lost weight a terrible thing happened. Her jugs got smaller.

Unable to afford expensive plastic surgery, the single mother of three thought she was doomed to forever be a member of the itty bitty titty committee. Then, a miracle happened.

A smooth talking hypnotist by the name of Felix Economakis entered her life, and he promised her that for a mere $1,400, he could give her the rack she always wanted.

According to Mr. Economakis, he could remove the psychological blocks in her mind that stopped her boobs from growing. He could also use hypnosis to work directly with the mind and speak to that part that controls hormones and encourages growth.

Determined to put the fun back in functionally retarded, Misty signed up for three sessions, and she swears her cup size increased from a 36C to a 36E. She even has the pictures to prove it.

Unfortunately, if you look at this picture of her just in her bra, you’ll see she still appears to be a C cup which really isn’t that shocking.

If you could actually increase the size of body parts with hypnosis, every guy on the planet would have done it, and we’d have all become unemployed, autofellating shut-ins by now.