Nate The United States and her failing satellites in Europe tried to get the IOC to ban Russia from the Summer Olympics in Brazil for systematic doping, but Russian bribes to IOC officials thankfully caused them to reconsider.

Ultimately only a few dozen of her athletes were prohibited from competing in Rio, but the Paralympics, which immediately follows the summer and winter games and allows cripples and gimps to shuffle around on their nubs in a macabre imitation of actual Olympic competition has taken a harder line.

Since Russians aren’t paying, their athletes aren’t playing, and the entire Russian delegation is being denied access to compete.

As I’ve long maintained, drug testing in sports is ridiculous, and people should be allowed to ingest or slam anything they want to gain a competitive edge. Sports shouldn’t only be reserved for people who hit the genetic lottery and were born strong or fast.

If some cocktail of pills, potions or steroids allows you to win, then you’re a winner in my book. No one cares how you crossed the finish line so long as you cross it first. And if you don’t believe me, look at China.

Their athletics programs are every bit as corrupt as those in Russia, and their entire modern economy is based on trademark and copyright violations, industrial espionage and unfair trade practices. But, the U.S. and Europe are afraid to mess with them, so they get a free pass.

And what about the Russian Special Olympics Team? Are they going to be the next victim of this Western witch-hunt?

One of the highlights of my year is watching their juiced-up tards fly around the track, pump crazy iron and almost drown faster and harder than anyone else. Christ I hope they don’t take that away from me.