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If you look at the amount of damage George W. Bush and Obama did to the country and economy in just over a decade, you can’t really help but to be impressed. In eight years Bush increased the debt by about $4 trillion, started two pointless wars, and somehow even found time with “No Child Left Behind” to make an already awful U.S. education system even worse.

Obama seems to have absorbed Bush’s lessons, and he’s now bringing his own special brand of incompetence to the table. He is on pace to borrow a staggering $6.2 trillion dollars in just his first term, which if you’re counting, is more than every president from George Washington to Bill Clinton borrowed, combined.

What does Obama have to show for all this debt? The price of gas doubled since he took office, the number of self-employed has dropped by over a million, and according to the Financial Times, the real unemployment rate has risen over four percent.

The liberal media likes to fabricate polls that show Obama is going to get reelected, but the economy is going to prevent that. If he has a chance, he may need to do something drastic. Something like, I don’t know, start a war with Iran.

George W. Bush should have been kicked out on his ass after 4 years, but he managed to win another term because Americans don’t like to change leaders in the middle of a military conflict. Obama has already mimicked Bush in every other respect. I wonder if he will in this case, too.