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I’m not some liberal pussy. No matter what the problem, I always at least consider violence as a solution, and I recognize the need for a well-funded and trained military. But even I have to wonder; why in the hell do we have eleven aircraft carriers?

Congress has passed a law that requires the Department of Defense to keep that many aircraft carriers in service at a time and that seems to be about seven more than we need. The newest aircraft carrier we’re building, the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford, is estimated to cost about $14 billion to build, will have a complement of nearly 5,000 men, and will cost billions more to operate.

Aircraft carriers are really only effective at bullying weak countries like Iran or Syria. I think the official term is force projection, and we already have a couple over there to let them know that at a moment’s notice, their women and children military targets will be bombed into dust. My problem is I think our whole strategic mindset is flawed.

We’re a country in decline, and we need to back away from the idea that we have to police the world. That was a fine idea right after WW II when our country’s economy was larger than everyone else’s combined. Now, we’re just the latest in a long line of great powers suffering from military overreach. We’re allowing our world-wide defense demands to bankrupt us.

The other problem with aircraft carriers is if we have a war with a real country, at least one of them is going down quicker than Jenna Jameson. They’re just too valuable to ignore, and the Celestial Empire is probably the biggest threat. They may still lag behind us technologically, but I promise that if shooting started over Taiwan, they would swarm a carrier with so many missiles some would get through.