prescription My uncle owns a cattle farm, and if one of his cows gets sick or injured a veterinarian comes to see him, carefully examines his animal and provides direct treatment.

I’m not so lucky.

If I get sick I have to drive 30 minutes and then sit in a snot covered chair in a reception area until my overbooked doctor finally gets around to seeing me. If I’m lucky he then spends two minutes listening to my symptoms before writing a quick prescription and dashing out of the room.

I understand restricting access to antibiotics so we don’t breed more superbugs, but do I really need a prescription for an allergy nasal spray?

It’s not like I’m going to cook it down in a little spoon and freebase it. I’m going to squirt it up my goddamned nose so I can get some relief from whatever weed, spore, animal or tree seems to be making my sinuses run like a faucet.

And why in the hell do I need a prescription for a pair of glasses? There’s a fairly simple test to see if you’ve got the right ones. Try reading something on the far wall. If you can, they’re right. If not, get a stronger pair.

Within the last week I’ve bought cigars, a bottle of Scotch and a shotgun, and I only had to show an I.D. for one of them. But if get poison ivy and want to get a good steroid cream, I need a prescription.