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I just watched my one-millionth alien invasion movie, and just like all of the others the aliens came to earth and engaged in single combat with the humans. Even though we were hopelessly outmatched technologically, the scrappy humans were able to somehow prevail with guts, determination and a little help from a hot scientist who just happened to be in precisely the right place at exactly the right time.

If aliens ever wanted to conquer our planet, they would have no need for us. I have to imagine we’re fairly dumb as far as other species are concerned, but not dumb enough to be acceptable beasts of burden. Since we steadfastly refuse to use genetic engineering to change that, things aren’t improving anytime soon. That means aliens just need to kill all the humans, and the best way to do that is the same way God killed the dinosaurs, with a giant rock.

Aliens would simply steer a dozen massive asteroids or comets at our planet and come back in a hundred years or so after the dust literally settled. All high-level life would be long dead, and a pristine planet would be just sitting there for its new alien overlords.

They should make a movie like that.