hc If Democrats and Republicans can agree on anything, it should be that the last 15 years have been a goddamned train wreck.

George W. Bush and Barrack Hussein Obama are running neck-and-neck in a race to be the shittiest president of all time, and I have a hunch that if Hillary Clinton gets elected, she might just put them both to shame.

In a way, you can say Obama actually fulfilled his agenda. He is an anti-American Socialist who believes the U.S. is the bad guy, and he wanted to destroy its institutions, economy and other pesky forms of inequality to level the playing field for minorities.

George W. Bush was just a fuck-up who ruined everything he touched.

Like all liberals and most women, Hillary Clinton has bad judgement. From Benghazi to Whitewater to accepting illegal campaign contributions from the Red Chinese, she has made a habit of doing the wrong thing badly, and if wasn’t for the leftist media, she would have been run out of town years ago.

Unfortunately, the harsh glare of the world stage has a habit of highlighting your flaws and imperfections, and much like George W.’s bumbling eight-year reign, you’re going to see a Clinton presidency mired in scandal, military confrontations and economic woe.

It’s inevitable for no other reason than the 16 years of absolute incompetence that proceeded her. The country is in so much worse shape than it was in 1999, Teddy Roosevelt himself couldn’t right this ship.

Not to get off track here, but it still stuns me the national debt was less than $5 trillion in 1999 and now is a whopping $18.6 trillion.

As a country, I think we really only have one choice here – we have to elect Donald Trump.

Do I think he would make a good president? Hell No. I think he would be terrible. But at least if he’s going to fuck up, and he will, he will do it spectacularly. And instead of the slow, lingering death of a Clinton presidency, he would drive this country right off the road, flip it a few times and then stand cackling as it erupted into flames.

Is it weird the thought of that just gave me a boner?