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It turns out that killing women and children isn’t cheap, but self-proclaimed jihadist and Syrian journalist, Ahmed Assi, thinks he has found a way to cover the bill. His loosely affiliated group, the Sham Falcons, have a website where for just pennies a day, you can help fund a conflict you probably don’t understand.

And don’t worry that they’ll steal your credit card number or commit bank fraud against you after you make your contribution. They promise that their electronic network is totally secure, and if you can’t trust an Al Qaeda-affiliated group, who can you trust?

The U.S. media has portrayed anyone fighting the Syrian government as “freedom fighters,” but I’m not sure that’s an accurate term. Many of these same men fought the U.S. in Iraq, returned home and are now fighting the Syrian government.

It seems a bit odd that these guys were our enemies when we were killing them a few years ago, but they’re now magically friends because they’re fighting someone the U.S. government opposes. Then again, it’s easier if you just swallow the propaganda without questioning it.

The U.S. and Israel are opposed to Syria’s rulers because they support Iran, and as we all know, Iran is bad. Heck, if current intelligence reports are correct, Iran may develop as many as two nuclear bombs in the next 50 years.

Can you imagine if they get two nuclear weapons? That’s almost 0.025% of our nuclear arsenal. Next thing you know they’ll try to use their catapults to throw those bombs at us. It’s clear we have to stop them now while we can.