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Rioting begins in Hackney Central and Mare Street - LondonMuch like a little kid staying up late to catch a glimpse of Santa, I was up and ready Saturday night. I figured the George Zimmerman verdict was due anytime, and I was ready.

My ski-mask and riot punch were packed by the chimney with care, and as soon as the not-guilty verdict was dropped, I would soon be a millionaire.

I figured everybody else would go for electronics and keep the cops busy at Best Buy and h.h. gregg, while I had an alternate plan. Silver dinner sets and Coins.

The price of silver and gold has dropped, but by weight, there’s still no better investment for your riot dollar than precious metals.

Unfortunately, a terrible thing happened. No one took to the streets.

Does no one watch the liberal media? George Zimmerman is some new race that CNN invented called a white Hispanic, and he was supposed to fry for this. The fact that I was 100% sure he would beat the rap seemed to make a riot even more of a sure thing.

The State had an unwinnable case, and as soon as Zimmerman got off, people were supposed to go off.

Thanks for nothing people.