unnamed There was a time in this country when we had to answer to kings and queens. As those effeminate, inbred royals wandered aimlessly around their castles, brave American settlers carved farms out of the wilderness and used their diseased bodies to spread plagues among their Indian enemies.

When the mad king, George III, came to the throne, America threw off the shackles of monarchy and instituted a system where the strong would compete to see who was most fit to rule.

Abraham Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglas in an axe fight, Teddy Roosevelt bested Alton Parker in a 93-round bare knuckle boxing match and according to legend, Andrew Jackson kicked John Quincy Adams so hard in the nuts during a debate, Adams retired from politics altogether.

Then a strange thing happened; we slowly turned back the clock to a failed hereditary system.

George H.W. Bush was a crappy one-term president, and for some reason we elected his mildly retarded son to serve after him. Bill Clinton was actually a decent president, but there seems a good chance people will elect his malignant wife to serve after him.

If all hereditary monarchies share one trait, it’s that the successors are almost always worse than the person who started the dynasty.

Just look at North Korea. The founder of the current dynasty, Kim Il Sung, was incompetent, but he looks like Charlemagne compared to the dipshits who followed him.

Hillary Clinton has that terrifying mix of arrogance and incompetence that can only come from someone who keeps being allowed to fail upwards due to wealth and family connections. If she wins the presidency, everyone else is going to lose.