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Londonkiller Michael Adebolajo, the blood-covered maniac off to the right, goes by his Muslim nickname Mujahid, which means “person during the holy war.”

On Wednesday Mujahid and a friend decided to give the good people of London a snapshot of their Muslim-dominated future when they brutally attacked an off-duty soldier and tried to cut his head off in the middle of the street.

The response by the British government and military was just as terrifying as the attack itself. In between bleating like sheep and calling for calm, the military even recommended that off-base military personnel not wear their uniforms to avoid being targets.

Are you fucking kidding me?

What happened to you Britain? You used to kick ass and take names. And I mean that literally. You would conquer a country and then give the people English names just so they’d know you were their daddy.

You ruled an empire that stretched from Canada to Australia, and now you’re afraid to have your own soldiers wear their uniforms in your capital for fear they’ll be targets.

You might as well take those bearskin hats and red uniforms off the guards at Buckingham Palace and replace them with French berets and assless chaps because you’re becoming a nation of Frenchmen.