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Convicted insider trader and international supervillain, George Soros, claims that America is going to see armed riots in the near future that will prompt the government to clamp down and strip citizens of their civil liberties. Based on his track record, you have to assume he has an ulterior motive by making this pronouncement.

Soros has used his amazing ability to manipulate the word’s markets to amass a fortune that he now uses to fund left-wing causes. He helped fund the immigration rallies in 2006, the Occupy movement of 2011, and he has been quietly funding a group to put Democrats in charge of U.S. states’ election offices. They claim “to want to stop Republicans from manipulating election results,” but their real purpose is to manipulate those results themselves.

George Soros claims to be a humanitarian, but he’s really a peddler of human misery. In a financial gamble that netted him a billion dollars in a day, he “broke the Bank of England” and reduced the value of the currency by 20%. Basically, every Brit who had money in their pocket saw its value decline by 20% in one day so Soros could make a fortune. He has been convicted of insider trading in France, fined in Hungary for stock fraud, and as a youth, he worked with the Nazis after they invaded Hungary.

The only thing about this guy that surprises me is that he hasn’t built a giant death ray or tried to radiate the world’s gold supply. Then again, there’s still time.