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The Pew Hispanic Center just released a study showing that for the first time since the Great Depression more Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than coming in. I can’t say that I’m totally surprised. Thanks to the incompetence of both Democrats and Republicans our once mighty economy has tanked, and we’re just not the same country we used to be.

Many of those leaving the U.S. have cited the drop in home prices in Mexico as a key reason they’re heading home. A glut of chicken wire, cardboard and mismatched boards has driven Mexican home prices into the single digits, finally putting the dream of home ownership within reach of the average Mexican. In most instances, it’s actually below the cost of a Taco Bell value meal.

Another thing making Mexico attractive is a recent burro baby boom. No one is sure why, but the population of the small donkeys has exploded in recent years allowing even the poorest Mexicans access to cheap and reliable transportation.

The final piece of the puzzle has to be the fact that you can actually live your life in Mexico without having every single goddamned aspect of it regulated, like here in the U.S. You may have to worry about corrupt officials, murderous drug cartels and the ever-present chupacabra menace, but at least you can talk on your walkie-talkie while driving your 1963 Ford Fairlane without getting a ticket.

Mexico, it’s now officially the land of the free.