USSBoondoggle I’m a bit of a history buff, and in 1944 the massively out-gunned Fletcher-class Destroyer USS Johnston led a heroic but doomed attack on a huge Japanese fleet of battleships and cruisers, and as she slowly slipped beneath the waves of the Philippine Sea, even the Japanese saluted her crew for their bravery.

Fast forward three quarters of a century, and we seem to still be making destroyers, which is a little nutty, and the fact we’re paying $4 billion per ship is downright insane.

And only the last of the three destroyers we’re building is going to have a sweet electromagnetic rail-gun. The first two just have regular guns.

Since the time of the Athenians, people have known the only real point of having a huge navy is to facilitate and protect your trade. But, the U.S. no longer makes anything worth protecting. We’re a net importer.  We’ve outsourced our manufacturing to the Chinese, and our overseas “empire” and military commitments are ruinously expensive, so why do we need a large navy?

Our globalist elites are more concerned with being good citizens of the world than protecting our shores, so it’s stupid for U.S. taxpayers to pay staggering amounts of money to be the world’s police force.

If we’re going to just piss this money down a black hole, can’t we at least have fun doing it?

Here are other ways we could spend $4 billion dollars.

1) Give every American a coupon for 2 Costco rotisserie chickens (the math is right).

2) Build 4,000 cruise missiles and shoot 1 per day at France, Canada or Mexico for the next 11 years.

3) Give all 1.3 million U.S. active-duty service members nine bottles of Jim Beam Black – the stuff is pretty fantastic.