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At least somebody knows how to show some gratitude

Over 500 health professionals and organizations signed some silly petition asking McDonald’s to ditch Ronald McDonald as a mascot and to stop marketing junk food to kids. This pointless campaign is being organized by a self-appointed watchdog group calling itself Corporate Accountability International, but I’ll just refer to it as CUNT for short.

CUNT plans to run full-page ads in six major papers on April 4th publicizing their little PR stunt. In the past they’ve gone after big tobacco and soda companies, but I guess they figured adding a high-profile corporate mascot as a target would get them more headlines.

I’m sure the organizers at CUNT know that McDonald’s doesn’t sell health food. It’s a burger joint. I wouldn’t recommend eating there every day, but as with all things, moderation is the key. And if my kids want a Transformers and a My Little Pony Happy Meal, and playing with those toys keeps them quiet for 10 goddamn seconds, I’m fine with that.

The people at CUNT don’t care about you or your children. If they did, they wouldn’t funnel money into this moronic campaign. They would use it to help kids who don’t have anything to eat. Instead of pestering McDonald’s, they should buy some gift certificates from them and give them out to needy kids. I’m sure they would prefer free food to some pretentious jerkoffs taking out ads to decide what they should eat.