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We may have an official separation of church and government, but that didn’t stop political correctness from becoming the de facto state religion, and the latest entity to commit liberal blasphemy is my beloved Washington Redskins.

In my mind the Redskins are a shining example of multiculturalism, but it seems a team made up primarily of African-Americans, owned by a Jew and represented by a caricature of an Injun just rubs leftists the wrong way.

And these brave champions of social justice won’t rest until either the name is changed or the media decides to focus on something else.

Personally, I’m indifferent to the Redskins name, but it does provide an interesting example of how much society has changed over the years.

According to the above picture I found in an old book, it seems we used to ride Indians to work. Now we’ve progressed to shunting them aside and mostly ignoring them unless they’re needed as fodder in our cultural wars.

If team owner Dan Snyder does capitulate and rename his team, I think he should pick a mascot that will inspire fear in the hearts his enemies.

I would suggest either the “Cobras” or the “Puerto Rican Neighbors.” The mere idea of either one scares the hell out of me.