Another cyclist act of terror?

Another cyclist act of terror?

People in my area used to call The Washington Post “Pravda on the Potomac” because it was a left-wing rag that had more in common with the Daily Worker than The Wall Street Journal.

But things have changed. As the size and scope of government exploded and the average government salary ballooned to three times that of the private sector, unprecedented wealth flooded into the DC metro area, and the Post became a tame little lap dog eager to stroke and be stroked by those in power.

But one man refused to play by those rules, and his name is Courtland Milloy.

Milloy is probably a bigot, and his articles are often hostile to the gentrification of old black neighborhoods by newly arrived pale-faces, and if there’s one thing he hates more than whitey in a car, it’s whitey on a bike.

Last week he correctly equated these Caucasian commandos with terrorists and wondered if it wasn’t worth it to just pay the $500 fine for hitting a biker to get the satisfaction of running one over.

Predictably, cyclists got their spandex panties in a twist, but Courtland raised a legitimate point I’ve never considered before, and I think he’s right. Cyclists are terrorists, and they should be hunted and neutralized no differently than if they were members of Al-Qaida, ISIS or Hezbollah.

In addition to hindering commerce, most, if not all, of these bikers are dangerous environmental zealots who can’t seem to realize that no matter how much gas they save by pedaling, we’re still going to pump every last drop of oil from this planet and burn it. They’re just delaying the inevitable for a few days.

And don’t even bother calling my argument linking cyclists to terrorism flimsy because it’s still going to be better than whatever bullshit reason we use to justify our upcoming attack on Iran.