joker Thanks to a measles outbreak at Disneyland last month, we’re once again dealing with that subset of the population too stupid to get their kids vaccinated.

I read a story this week that parents afraid of vaccinating their kids are buying lollipops licked by kids with chicken pox and giving them to their children.

Are you assholes serious? You know what else you can catch from licking a stranger’s spit? Hepatitis. And, since you’re a moron, you probably didn’t vaccinate your kids against that, either.

Now I hear anti-vaccine parents are throwing measles parties so their kids can get the disease out of the way and gain immunity to it.

Measles is a deadly disease, and  before the vaccine, about 500 people a year died from it in the United States, and since kids have to be a year old to the get the MMR vaccine, babies are most at risk from you stupid asses who don’t get your kids their shots.

Look, I understand why parents are concerned about vaccines. The Lancet published a now discredited study that linked the MMR vaccine to autism, and that fear entered the public consciousness. Big pharmaceutical companies also stand to make billions for every new vaccine that gets accepted, so they keep pushing to add more vaccines to the schedule, and some people claim too many are being required.

The problem now is that many of the contagious diseases that vaccines prevent have declined to levels where parents don’t see what happens when kids are actually infected. Before vaccines, you faced the very real danger of losing a child in his/her first few years of life. Now that the danger isn’t as pronounced, human stupidity is taking over, and parents are choosing to endanger their kids by avoiding a theoretical danger and risking a very real one.