dog1A few weeks ago, the Obama regime announced new rules to de-whiteify neighborhoods they viewed as having too pale a hue.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is now requiring localities around the nation to look at the racial content of neighborhoods and report any racial biases back to the Feds every three to five years for them to review.

Presumably, if too many honkeys congregate in one place, the government will subsidize housing in those neighborhoods so more black and brown people can move in.

And since neighbor is the second worst word beginning with “n” and ending with “r” that you can call a black person, whites will probably flee to a new area to try to enjoy three to five years of peace before the government finds them again.

As a father of three, I paid a premium for a house in a good school district away from poor people, and I resent the fact the government wants to punish me for doing things like going to college, saving my money and buying a nice house.

Instead of taking a half-assed stab at social engineering, maybe the government could do things like fostering a manufacturing base that would create jobs and help lift people out of poverty instead of just trying to destroy property values and leveling everyone at the same level of poverty.