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When I was growing up, there was an old guy who lived down the road from our farm. He was somewhat weird, but not in the creepy uncle sort of way, and I would do odd jobs for him from time to time. One day when we were cleaning out one of his old sheds, he showed me a billy club with an iron band at the end that belonged to his grandfather.

He said the old man used it when he worked in Ohio for the Pinkerton’s to break up strikes, and I was intrigued. As I swung it back and forth, it felt like it was made for my hand. It even seemed to send a little electric pulse up my arm as it tore through the air. I felt like Jesus must have felt when he killed that kid who made fun of his sandals. In a word, I felt like God.

Since we’re no longer allowed to beat union thugs, we now have to rely on the ballot box to defeat them. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made union bustin’ a key part of his campaign to reform his state’s budget, and his righteous crusade received another victory Tuesday when he defeated some Bolshevik Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a recall election.

Governor Walker faced the challenge because he fought to limit the right of public sector employees to collectively extort ever-increasing payments from Wisconsin’s taxpayers. And before I have to hear anymore left-wing drivel about these union parasites fighting for workers’ rights, you can stop right there. These unions are no different than gangsters or drug cartels demanding protection money. You either pay willingly, or they’ll force you to pay with strikes and protests.

Unions have long since outlived their usefulness, and you have a number of federal agencies tasked with providing the exact same safeguards that led to their creation in the first place. Much like the natural bush, they had their time in the sun, but now it’s time to go.