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obama mccainDissatisfied with simply ruining our own country, America’s politicians decided Friday to provide public support for the foreign terrorists who have flooded into Syria to wage jihad against the Assad government.

On at least some level you have to love the irony that the same president who wants to deprive law-abiding Americans of their right to own guns has no problem shipping them to Syria by the boat-load so they can be used in an Islamic holy war.

Now more Syrian lives will now be lost, and countless billions will be spent, but according to the White House we have clear evidence the Syrian government used chemical weapons, and that somehow justifies this.

I’m no expert, but I’ll just throw out a guess that this “evidence” is every bit as accurate as the fake proof that George W. used to justify our invasion of Iraq.

Everyone but our own government seems to have accepted the fact that the “rebels” in Syria are now led almost exclusively by Islamic militants, and last time I checked, freedom fighters don’t usually attack their own population with suicide bombers. That’s reserved for outside religious extremists

But thanks to half-wits like John McCain, we’re not going to let little things like evidence or logic cloud our foreign policy.

And spare me the bullshit about McCain being a war hero. John McCain lost four American jets while he was a pilot, which would rank him as one of the top North Vietnamese fighter aces. If he had been anyone other than the son of an admiral, his incompetent ass would have been bounced out of the Navy long before he ever got shot down.

And getting locked up in a tiger cage doesn’t qualify you as a foreign policy expert. If anything, I feel like it would make you a bit unbalanced. Maybe even make you do crazy things like fly to Syria to meet with terrorists or pick Sarah Palin as your running mate.