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Every week it seems the TSA is in the news for aggressive searches of kids and cripples, and I can’t help but feel if they were just allowed to racially profile people, all of this could be avoided. I for one always keep a book of paint swatches in my pocket, and if someone is darker than “classic khaki” I know to keep an eye on them.

I don’t even get why the TSA is bothering patting down people in wheelchairs. If they try to seize the plane all you have to do is tip them over. They don’t really have any way to combat that. They have all of a turtle’s weaknesses but none of its strengths.

On Monday agents at JFK Airport caused a family to miss their flight because they insisted on a full inspection of a six-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and a developmental disability. The kid was in leg braces and walks with the aid of crutches, but these morons determined she could pose a safety risk to other passengers.

This comes on the heels of an incident in Kansas where TSA agents tried to take a four-year-old girl into another room for an individual screening. When she did the right thing and ran away from these jumped-up mall cops, one of them threatened to shut down the entire airport. Since it was Kansas, I imagine only a few dozen people and maybe some livestock were affected, but it’s still just another example of this agency’s incompetence.

In the last year TSA agents have been busted for child porn, running prostitutes, and for accepting bribes to allow drugs into the country. At some point you have to ask, what’s the point? I’d rather they just put two undercover air marshals on every flight and did away with TSA altogether. That still has to be cheaper than the cost of what we’re doing now.