Riot PunchOur political parties have betrayed us. Democrats keep blacks dependent on hand-outs instead of reforming the prison industrial complex and economy, and the Republicans have sold out everyone else.

Donald Trump has won an overwhelming majority of the votes and delegates to be the Republican Party’s nominee for president, but party elites and their billionaire masters are plotting to deny him the nomination.

Walking rectal wart John Kasich has even vowed to stay in the race even though there aren’t enough delegates left for him to win the nomination. Instead, he seems to have the vain hope that Republican shot-callers will temporarily lose their minds and choose that little hemorrhoid to be their nominee at the convention.

The truth is Cruz and Trump have trounced establishment flunkies like Bush, Kasich and Rubio because people are tired of getting fucked by the establishment.

America had the world’s largest economy for nearly a century and a half, and we were only caught by China because America’s wealthy elite decided to outsource jobs to improve profit margins and put more money in their pockets.

America’s rich have gotten richer than at any other time in our nation’s history and the richest ten percent of Americans control 75% of the country’s wealth.

And since wealthy financiers pay millions in “speaking fees” and other bribes to politicians, they’re assured banks will continue to reap record profits while taxpayers cover their mistakes like we did with the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Unsecured borders are also not only dangerous, they’re financial suicide. Millions of unskilled immigrants are being used to suppress wages, and since most get federal and state aid, American citizens are subsidizing their own economic decline.

The Republican National Committee laughed off Trump’s threat of riots as just bluster, but this little firebug begs to differ.