bedfellowsDonald Trump unveiled more details about his economic plan this week, and limousine liberals and filthy-rich Republicans joined forces to attack it.

The fact that it cut taxes for the middle class and actually attempted to improve the lot of American workers was ignored because our media is comprised of morons, and their millionaire and billionaire masters only listen to the lower classes when they come to burn down their castles.

Jeffrey Miron, the director of economic studies at the elite-friendly Cato Institute, summed up the warped logic of opposition best when he said allowing parents to deduct childcare expenses “. . .incentivizes more children and spending — the opposite of good reform.”

I hate to burst your bubble, dickhead, but countries need a younger generation to survive, and kids are a terrible financial decision for parents, no matter how you crunch the numbers. They cost a shit-ton of money, and if I didn’t have three of them, I’d have an extra $30,000 in my pocket, every single year.

And while childcare costs are just one of the many expenses associated with these little money-pits, they’re substantial. Daycare now costs me about $500 a week, and like every other parent in the country, I’d rather get some of my cash back instead of letting the government spend it on illegal immigrants and endless wars.

The media in this country is made up of short-sighted dolts who are so brainwashed by multiculturalism that they’ll never get past Trump’s commitment to fix our broken immigration system. Instead, they’ll regurgitate endless left-wing jargon while maintaining an unfair system that’s slowly bleeding the middle class dry while creating the richest aristocracy in world history.

I used to have hope for this country, but I’m not sure I see things getting settled without a complete meltdown first.