unnamed If there was one thing about election night that truly warmed my cirrhosis-riddled cockles, it was watching the look of shock wipe smug self-satisfaction from the faces of the pundits on the broadcast networks.

Noted fat load and limousine liberal Michael Moore even launched a deliciously condescending little hissy fit that accused all rural voters of being stupid rubes taken in by a con-man. In his mind, these people were incapable of honestly voting for systemic change, instead, they were childishly lashing out at a system that’s evolving too fast for them to comprehend.

It shouldn’t take a genius to grasp that America is on the wrong track. Our economic decline, disintegrating manufacturing base and unprecedented income inequality are evidence of that.

Some people think the problem with America is we started letting evolutionary dead-ends guide our future, but that’s wrong. The real problem is we let the left destroy the concept of nationhood in their bid to turn everyone into good little citizens of the world.

Once business tycoons and CEOs were free of nationalist requirements to actually serve the citizens of their nation, they did what Robber-barons do and outsourced jobs, maximized profits and fucked everyone over who wasn’t a shareholder.

We had the largest economy on the planet for over a century, and no one took that title from us. Our business leaders gave it away because they could care less where their profits come from.

Economic and civic nationalism are the foundations of a healthy country, and if your country doesn’t have them, it’s going to get crushed by a country like China that does.