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Let Toys Be Toys In a move destined to please childless liberals everywhere, Toys R Us has decided to stop marketing toys to boys or girls for fear it will contribute to sexual stereotyping.

The retail giant made the decision after meeting with a group of self-appointed watchdogs called Let Toys Be Toys. Going forward Toys R Us will remove all explicit references to gender from their ads, and they will also stop pitching toys only to one gender.

As a parent of a son and daughter I can assure you this is an absolute waste of time. These little monsters come pre-programmed from the factory with two very different but equally annoying sets of operating instructions, and nothing you do will change that.

This stupid pressure group really just wants to use kids as pawns to further their vision of a genderless society where everyone isn’t just equal but identical. Luckily, they’ll fail because kids don’t give a shit about doctrine.

There was an interesting study released about five years ago involving male and female rhesus monkeys and their toy preferences. As a general rule, male monkeys gravitated to wheeled toys while female monkeys preferred dolls.

Considering that children are basically little primates, this makes sense.  And unless this group plans to change kids’ genetic codes, they might as well give up on their half-assed stab at social engineering.