Australia It was recently announced that New York City pays $167,731 to incarcerate one inmate for one year, and it seems for that amount of money Bloomberg could realize his dream of building cryogenic pods to reprogram prisoners while they sleep like they did in the movie Demolition Man.

He could even sentence those evil fatties to the icebox so he could reprogram their need to drink big sugary sodas.

Unfortunately, that’s just science fiction, and since the libs frown on lobotomizing people, we’re still decades away from altering the criminal mind. In the meantime, we need to find a more cost effective way to cage them, and I have the solution. Let’s just ship them to Australia and see what happens.

Australia got its start as a dumping ground for convicts, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little history lesson from their good buddy Uncle Sam. Plus, bullying weaker countries is kind of our thing now, and even if they don’t like it, what are they going to do about it?

Unlike the crafty Iranians, the Australians aren’t secretly pursuing a nuclear program while hoodwinking our dope of a president. Nope, the whole continent of Australia is just sitting there like a big, ripe plum, and it’s time we picked it.

Oh, and as a word of advice, Aussies, you probably don’t want to call our convicts “mate.” You’ll just end up getting sodomized.