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whoopwhoop We would have also accepted “This is What Type 2 Diabetes Looks Like” or “Does This Sign Make Me Look Fat?”

This sweaty cry for help is Kelly Martin Broderick, and she’s upset that a Facebook page, “No Hope For The Human Race,” used a picture she took after some silly feminist conference and put “That’s Pretty Much What I Expected” under it.

She has tried repeatedly to get Facebook to take the picture down, but since Facebook hates its users and only tolerates them so it can sell their personal information to advertisers, it politely told her no.

Undeterred she turned to the media to wage a pressure campaign, and The Daily Mail even credited her for bravely fighting back against those “Internet trolls who took her profile picture and manipulated the image into a cruel meme,” which is odd considering the caption wasn’t even that mean.

Cruel would have been something like “Nobody’s Objectifying This” or “So Much For Black Being Slimming.”

This chick is obviously lonely and miserable because she said in the article she only found out about this meme from some guy on okCupid, and the problem here isn’t the fact that she’s fat, it’s that she’s a humorless bitch.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life home alone watching Buffy reruns with the suicide prevention helpline on speed dial, you need to listen to your uncle Mike Codajoy. You need to lighten up.

Plenty of guys like fat chicks because they’re usually a lot of fun. Ditch those stupid glasses and that victim mentality and get out there and live a little. Also remember that alcohol and poor lighting are your friends, so plan accordingly.