_40967048_mel_gibson_beard203ap Nope, that isn’t the price tag for four or five Syrian fighter jets, that’s the goddamned cost to train and arm 4.5 flunkies we could probably have paid in chickens, goats or whatever else these back-assed savages use for currency.

Earlier this year the U.S. announced we were going use “moderate” Syrians to combat ISIL. And if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was murdered in the process, I’m guessing that would have been fine, too.

Not surprisingly, much like every other U.S. government program, this was also a colossal train-wreck, and the commander and deputy commander of our little anti-jihadist gang were captured by al Nusra, the same group that just last year obliterated the “freedom fighters” the CIA was training.

Now it’s estimated that of the original class of 54 fighters, only 4 or 5 remain in the field, and the $41 million we spent to recruit, train and arm them seems wasteful even by the U.S. government’s pathetic standards.

The British used to rule an Empire of hundreds of millions with a small army because they did it with sense. And, no, they didn’t use nude pictures of their hideously deformed and buck-toothed women to scare the natives into submission.

They picked a few minority groups who had an axe to grind and trained the shit out of them, gave them guns and used them to keep the masses in line. It worked with the Gurkhas and Sikhs in India, and it would work in the Mid-East.

Instead of trying to depose Assad, we should be arming Alawites, Yazidis, Kurds and other smaller groups to combat the dominant Sunnis. And if that angers the Turks or Israelis, fuck ‘em.