For some unknown reason our government loves to fund “moderate” terrorists to attack our enemies, and then we’re surprised when these medieval lunatics stop listening to us and attack our interests.

It happened in Afghanistan and Libya, and now it’s happening in Syria and Iraq.

For a while President Assad of Syria was our boogeyman because he committed the unconscionable sin of being an ally of Iran, and according to the U.S. blueprint for the new Middle East, Iran was to be marginalized and eventually beaten into submission.

It doesn’t matter that Assad runs the only secular state in the region, and he’s surrounded by frothing religious zealots like our “allies” in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. That didn’t save Saddam Hussein, and it won’t save Assad.

The U.S. clandestinely shipped arms and money to the “freedom fighters” opposing Assad, but those scamps became ISIL and are now waging a genocidal campaign across Syria and Iraq.

And now we’re training a whole new crop of “moderates” in Saudi Arabia to further our eventual aim of partitioning Iraq and Syria because our leaders seem to think it will be easier to control a patchwork of smaller states rather than larger ones.

In a conventional war that’s a decent strategy, when facing small terror cells it’s insanity.

And who exactly do you think is willing to drop everything and venture to a foreign land to fight their enemies? Why I’ll just bet you a stolen rocket launcher it’s the same religious maniacs we’ll lose control of in a few months.

Our policies have made more terrorists than we’ve killed, so let’s go back to the drawing board here. Instead of killing strong-men like Qaddafi, Hussein and Assad, we should be supporting them to keep these Jihadi assholes under their thumb.