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The TSA is now under fire for asking a moderately attractive MILF to repeatedly enter a body scanner so agents could ogle her. One agent even reportedly told the woman she had a cute figure. It seems this has been a pattern with the TSA, and many complaints have been filed accusing agents of targeting attractive women for additional screening.

There’s a running joke in the government that the TSA’s primary competition when recruiting is Walmart, and there’s a lot of truth to that. At Reagan National Airport all new TSA screeners are hired on a part-time basis, and since shifts are erratic, it’s not like you can take that part-time job in addition to another job. The people they’re hiring are the ones who can get by on a couple hundred bucks a week.

I personally think all TSA agents should be replaced with dogs. I wouldn’t even bother with handlers. I’d have bomb and drug sniffing dogs and attack dogs trained to pounce if one of the other dog types found something.

I’d just let them wander around free, and the only employees I’d have are the ones to clean up the dog shit. It would pretty much be like El Salvador International Airport except the dogs wouldn’t be strays and the dog shit would actually get cleaned up.