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There are a number of special weather-related drunks out there. There’s the hurricane drunk, the rain drunk and even the quick but fearsome hail drunk, but they all pale in comparison to the slow and satisfying snow drunk.

There’s something very peaceful about sitting on the porch, crushing cans of cool refreshing Miller Lite and watching snow slowly drift down from the heavens. And since we don’t get a ton of wintry precipitation here in Fredericksburg, VA, it’s still rare enough to be special.

I got my work done early today, and since the house was empty and the snow was falling, I was in for a little treat. I headed down to the corner store and bought a twelve-box, and even though I quit smoking a while back, I decided to grab a few cigars. Since I’m not black I was able to resist the urge to buy the grape flavored Swisher’s but instead picked up some Don Seville’s, imported all the way from scenic Nicaragua.

Buying cigars at a gas station isn’t usually recommended, but talk about a pleasant surprise. They smell and taste great and even stayed lit when I took a break to throw snowballs at the fat kid next door.

What a great day.