This dipshit looks like he deserved it.

At least the punch wiped that stupid look off his face.

The mincing poofs who run the BBC took a break last night from trying to cover up child sexual attacks by BBC employees to air a trailer for the final episode of their hit show Top Gear.

The release date wasn’t announced, but the episode appears to be an extended montage of footage taken before presenter Jeremy Clarkson was fired back in March for punching a producer who didn’t have his dinner ready.

I don’t want to get off-topic here, but when did it become unacceptable for an Englishman to punish an incompetent Irish servant? That’s been a pretty long-standing tradition in British history, and I for one am sorry to see it end.

As a matter of principle, the English took their land, pissed on their potatoes and periodically waged military campaigns to reduce overpopulation and keep their numbers in check. Otherwise, the Irish would just out-breed their food supply and starve.

In a way, the end of this great show is a fitting metaphor for how fucked up we as a Western society have become.

The government-subsidized and leftist BBC will tolerate pedophiles; actively cover up for a ring of Pakistani Muslims who raped under-aged girls, but they draw the line at a little Paddy bashing?

Personally, I think there should be more mouth punching in society, and it would be a good way to keep idiots in the service industry on their toes.

What’s that Mike Mansfied, Fredericksburg’s shittiest bartender? You can’t seem to grasp the fact that vermouth is a fortified wine and goes bad quicker than booze, so you once again put stale vermouth in my Manhattan.

Bam – right in the goddamned mouth.

Are you reading this Mike? I swear to Christ, next time you fuck up my drink, I’m either hitting you with a rolled up newspaper doggy style, or giving you a belt right across the chops.