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Former baseball player Roger Clemens found himself back in court this week as the government tries for the second time to convict him of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of Congress.

This all stems from 2008 when the House of Representatives decided to take a break from destroying our economy and ignoring our rusting infrastructure to focus on the super-duper important issue of performance enhancing drugs in sports. When Clemens testified before the ironically named House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, some House members felt he was untruthful about his use of performance enhancing drugs and relayed their concerns to the Department of Justice.

Clemens was subsequently charged, and government lawyers attempted to convict him last year. It being a government project, a mistrial was quickly declared on the second day of testimony because prosecutors showed evidence that had already been declared inadmissible.

Not to be deterred by logic or reason, charges were re-filed, and the government now has another chance to prove they always get their man.

I’m still baffled we’re wasting time on this. If Baseball Hall of Fame voters want to penalize Clemens and keep him out of there forever, that’s their right. If fans want to make fun of his giant head and cite it as proof of steroid use, that’s fine too. But I draw the damn line at the government wasting millions of dollars trying this pumpkin-headed ex-jock because he may or may not have used steroids while playing a game.

Have we literally solved all of our other problems and it’s down to this? Did we crush al-Qaeda, implement all of the necessary economic reforms, revise our tax code, and find a way to address our enormous prison population? We didn’t? Than why in God’s name are we wasting time on this stupid issue?

I’ll tell you exactly why. Our Congress is full of little prima donnas whose only real qualification is they won a popularity contest. When Clemens failed to show them the deference they felt they deserved during their little hearing, a vendetta was declared. A few years, and few more million dollars later, here’s where we stand. Pissing away time and money because a few congressmen had their egos bruised.