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Guess which kid in the picture got it?

If those kids are brothers, and I hope they are, that had to be one goddamned interesting house. You have an over-the-top flamer, a stone-faced military type who seems to naturally assume a parade rest posture, and I don’t even know what the hell is up with the kid on the left. He looks like he’s smiling because he knows what he’s going to do to you, and the results aren’t going to be pretty.

I’m fairly certain this picture settles once and for all whether homosexuality is a choice. There’s obviously a gay gene, and that kid in the middle can thank his mom and dad both for his brown eyes, and his love of little brown eyes.

Another person who agrees with the genetic root of homosexuality is Pastor Charles Worley. In this video, he calls for gays to be fenced into concentration camps, but I have a hunch that’s not going to be quite the punishment he envisions.

He should really teach them a lesson and pump in some techno and airdrop in some Ecstasy. That’ll learn ’em not to be born gay.

Since this video got enough hits on youtube, liberals knew it was an issue worth protesting, and according to Reuters, about a thousand of them turned out Sunday to picket Pastor Worley’s church. Some even dressed up in rainbow-colored outfits to let everyone know just how tolerant they are.

Unfortunately, their protest was cut short when a video against whaling got even more hits, and they had to make new signs, get into their Prius hybrids and drive to the coast to protest the new cause-du-jour.