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Our U.S. Tax Dollars In Action

We in America have been lied to about the situation in Syria, and we’re being led into another pointless war. Our politicians and news outlets pretend brave Syrian men and women have risen up to oppose the brutal Assad regime, but that’s not what is happening at all.

The terrorists we “defeated” in Iraq now make up a sizeable portion of the fake freedom fighters waging a very real holy war in Syria, and according to the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), 95% of the men fighting the Syrian government are foreigners.

These Muslim zealots have carried out suicide bombings of government officials, executed prisoners, massacred civilians and religious minorities, but our politicians and journalists still pretend they’re the good guys. If they can just topple that bad old Assad, there will be peace.


The U.S. and Europe are supporting these rebels solely to destroy Assad and deprive Iran of its only real ally in the region. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are arming these Al-Qaeda linked murderers, and we’ve just parked an aircraft carrier off the Syrian shore to give them an area of operations safe from Syrian government air attacks.

The Obama administration has already begun laying the groundwork for Western military intervention by stating if Assad uses chemical weapons, we will invade. I’m sure we’re busily falsifying WMD reports even as we speak, and it’s only a matter of time before we help stage a Sarin gas attack on women and children so we can justify putting boots on the ground.

Then, we’ll finally be poised for our ultimate goal, war with Iran. And make no mistake, we’ll crush Iran, but that will be our undoing.

It was a CIA-sponsored coup that brought the Ba’ath Party to power in Iraq and paved the way for Saddam Hussen. It was our support of the Mujahedeen that allowed Al Qaeda to take over Afghanistan. And, in a decade or so, the power vacuum we create in this region will bring an even worse group of monsters to power.

And, according to a particularly lucid acid hallucination I had a few weeks ago, the group’s leader will have a blonde beard.