unnamed About 11 years ago I drank a magical elixir that convinced me on my walk home from a bar that I should try to put my pants on the bronze statue of a newsboy in front of the Free Lance Star building. When that didn’t work, I tied my shirt around his waist and then enjoyed a well-deserved nap in their flower bed.

When a brisk spring drizzle woke me up a few hours later, I realized I had just experienced an amazingly vivid dream, and I was convinced that at some point in my lifetime, America would endure a Civil War.

I thought that dream seemed implausible at the time, but I’m starting to think all the preppers, militias and other people that are preparing for conflict are doing it because we all sense the same thing.

Scoff all you like, but a large portion of the population seems to have an ingrained psychic sense, and if you doubt me, look at ridership records for planes, trains and buses that are involved in fatal accidents.

Jessica Utts, a statistics professor at the University of California, Irvine, recreated some of the earlier studies from William Cox, and she verified that ridership levels inevitably fall below normal volumes on doomed trains. And even the planes that flew into the Twin Towers were described as “abnormally empty.”

I think we may be faced with a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” dilemma here, and the country has become so divided and distrustful of government, the media, law enforcement, etc. that an explosion is inevitable.

If you’ve had your eye on some remote farmland in Maine, now might be a good time to move.