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I had a dream last week that I was in Damascus, and I was trying to grab my remaining possessions before fleeing the city. As I stuffed a few things into a bag, my wife decided she wanted to grab a giant picture that showed the Titanic breaking up before sinking. When I woke up, I knew Syria was truly screwed.

The same terrorists who fought the U.S. in Iraq are streaming into the country, but our government and media are now calling them freedom fighters. I’m sure when some of the weapons we’re secretly supplying them are used to commit attacks against U.S. interests they’ll be labeled terrorists again, but that’s a little way in the future.

It’s doubtful Syria will fall completely because approximately half of the population is made up of Alawites, Kurds and Christians. None of them want to face the ethnic and religious cleansing sure to come from a Sunni victory, and they’ll oppose them for reasons of self-preservation.

In all likelihood, Syria is going to end up like 1970s Lebanon. Warring factions will control different areas of the country, and it will be a fertile breeding ground for extremists. The West will be drawn in to provide peacekeepers, and they will be attacked relentlessly by the same people now opposing Assad.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I almost have to wonder if our government has adopted a doctrine of permanent war as a way to maintain global influence. Instead of pursuing reasonable policies, we’ve decided that we need boots on the ground everywhere to maintain full control.

It’s either that or our leaders are just frighteningly inept; either one seems plausible.