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waffle-house As anyone with a drinking problem can tell you, Waffle House is awesome. They’re open 24-hours and their greasy food is exactly what you need to sober up just enough to dodge yet another DUI and make it home.

I’m actually amazed no one maintains a site called “Shit I’ve Seen At Waffle House” because I’d have at least a dozen submissions. My all-time favorite would be the time I walked into the bathroom while a guy was getting a BJ and another guy was filming it.

I’ve always hoped I’d stumble on that video one day while surfing porn, but so far no luck.

When I first read this story about the CEO, I had two gut reactions. The first was of course he was banging his maid. He’s the goddamned head of Waffle House. The second was wow. The CEO of Waffle House has a maid.

It’s completely unfair, but most people would probably assume the head of Waffle House is kind of like a trailer park manager. He would have a bad porn-star moustache, drive a bitchin Camaro and miss work periodically because he was “just too damn hung-over to make it in today.”

It’s easy to forget Waffle House has over 1,700 locations and the son of its founder and the current CEO, Joe Rogers Jr., is super rich. Rich enough it seems to get sued by his former maid who says he demanded sex from her as a condition of her employment.

Joe admits they had an eight-year affair, but he says the sex was consensual, and his best defense is he’s the head of Waffle House. He could have any 40+ redneck woman he wanted. I’m also fairly sure you can pay hookers in Georgia with Waffle House gift cards.