power ISIS has decided to implement a new strategy to paralyze the U.S. after realizing that airport massacres and Bataclan beat-downs may grab headlines, but they only result in a relatively small number of casualties and inevitable reprisals.

Terrorist leaders recognize the U.S. has the most powerful military in the world, but they feel America’s diversity is actually its greatest weakness, and once the going gets tough, people will splinter on ethnic and religious fault lines.

If you look at any prison in the country, it’s hard to fault their logic.

ISIS has realized that as strong as the U.S. is externally, we’re exactly that weak internally, and their new strategy, code-named “Judo,” is brilliant. They’re gearing up for a war on water, power and commerce, and it’s going to work.

Light “practice raids” have already been carried out against power distribution centers, and small teams are expected to shoot and firebomb electrical substations feeding many major U.S. metropolitan areas.

FBI agents in New York also learned from an informant that specialists from the Mideast are currently in the country teaching operatives how to hijack and arm fuel tanker trucks to use them to start massive fires in tunnels and on bridges.

Even though Iran is supposedly an avowed enemy of ISIS, there’s also evidence that Iranian intelligence sources have shared technical procedures to paralyze power and water treatment plants.

America is a racial tinder-box waiting for a match, and if water, power and electricity are cut off to our major cities, they will be burning down within a week.