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An unofficial Chick-fil-A appreciation day was held yesterday, and by most accounts, it was a huge success. Customers waited in long lines to show their support, and the restaurant chain saw record sales. The left-wing media is quick to attribute this show of defiance to bigotry and intolerance, but as usual, they’re missing the goddamned point.

As a rule, Americans don’t like being told what to believe, and you see that spirit in issues as diverse as abortion and gun control. Our country was founded on the principle of rebellion to authority, and it’s as true today as it was in 1776.

Back then the British reasonably and correctly demanded the U.S. pay its fair share of the money the Crown was spending to protect the colonies. Being Americans, we promptly told them to go fuck themselves and rebelled.

Did a rebellion make much sense? No, but we did it anyway.

We started an eight-year war that left tens of thousands dead and wounded and racked up far more war debt than if we had just paid our taxes to Britain in the first place. Our history goes on and on like this, and even though we disagreed on the details, we all pretty much accepted that government is best that governs least.

Unfortunately, times are changin’, and it seems everyone wants to force their agenda down everyone else’s throat. Since the U.S. mainstream media is overwhelmingly left-wing, they’re the most visible culprits, but they’re certainly not alone.

I support gay marriage, but the second a politician or journalist calls someone a bigot for opposing it, my hackles raise. People can believe whatever they want, and they don’t need to get approval for their beliefs from some chump whose only qualification is he won a popularity contest or is on television.