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The cause of death was listed as "irony"

The cause of death was listed as “Irony”

People are dishonest all the time and more often than not those little white lies are the social lubricant that helps get us all through another miserable day.

My wife doesn’t bat an eye when I tell her that her enormous ass doesn’t look fat in that dress and I don’t do a Jackie Gleason spit take when she says I’m the best she’s ever had. The truth is I’m not that good, but I understand the game and I’m happy to play along.

But we’re really just minor leaguers. Our corrupt mainstream news outlets and politicians have made lying into an art form, and when they combine their powers of duplicity, they’re tough to top.

Unfortunately for them the Internet is throwing a little monkey wrench into their plans, and they’re still not having much luck drumming up support for the “freedom fighters” in Syria. The fact that these rebels are mostly psychopathic zealots bent on religious and ethnic genocide probably doesn’t help.

Why just a few weeks ago some of those loveable scamps from one of the Al Qaeda-affiliated rebel groups released a video of them beheading a man in Aleppo that they thought was a Shi’a Muslim.

But the joke was on them. Some of their fellow terrorists recognized the guy, and it turns out he was actually a devout Sunni Muslim affiliated with another terrorist group.

I’ll bet Allah himself had a good laugh about that one.