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Brandi4 I watch a fair amount of television, and one of the shows I don’t hate is A&E’s Storage Wars. The premise is that people buy storage lockers that have been abandoned, and you get to see if they hit the jackpot or bought a unit filled with old junk that isn’t worth anything.

It’s kind of like a cross between a reality show and a game show, and like any show, there are people you root for and at least one villain you root against. I personally rooted for the couple, Brandi and Jerrod, who owned a crappy thrift store. That’s them in the picture.

Brandi is a white trash piece of ass, and in addition to her big, fake boobs, I like the fact that she’s married to a total tool who dresses like a cholo.

My attraction to her is like my attraction to zoo porn. If you see a chick blowing a Golden Retriever, you have to figure her standards are nice and low, and she’d probably do it with you, too. It makes her seem approachable, and that’s how I feel about Brandi.

The show’s villain, Dave Hester, was recently fired, and he’s the one alleging the show is staged and suing. Predictably, the entertainment press is acting surprised, and one news outlet even referred to Hester’s allegations as a bombshell.

Seriously? Anyone over the age of nine should have been able to tell the show was fake. Invariably, one of the participants would buy a unit filled with shitty press-board furniture and presto, hidden in an old trunk in the back was some priceless antique.

This show is kind of like church. In order to enjoy it, you have to suspend disbelief. We all know Jesus and a handful of companions never could have made it to Mordor to destroy the one true ring, but we accept they did and the world was saved. Storage Wars is exactly like that.