Old-Drunk This is a guest post by Grandpa Codajoy.

People are idiots, and most of them do what they’re told. Only a few thousand left-wing Nancy-boys control television, but when they cry and whine about some new cause-de-jour, they stampede millions of mindless drones in support of their cause.

First it was the Redskins’ name controversy, and now it’s poor Adrian Peterson.

He beat a few of his bastard kids, and now he’s the bad guy? I beat little Mike every single day of his adolescent life, and it didn’t hurt him any. And before you start bleating that he’s a fat, stupid alcoholic with a hair-trigger temper and no sense of right or wrong, he would have been that anyway. He’s a Codajoy.

And look at Ray Rice. I personally never hit my wife because she was bigger than me, but if I had been a jacked 200-pound ball of muscle, you better believe I would have knocked her right in the mouth.

And there would have been some big changes around the house. For once she would have been the one wearing ass-less chaps and getting beat with a riding crop while her sister threw peanuts at her anus; it wouldn’t have just been this guy for 46 long years.

I didn’t say anything when the NFL changed the rules so you couldn’t hit the quarterback. I kept my mouth shut when every hard hit started drawing a flag, but this is too much. If they’re going to take out wife and child abuse, I might just stop watching.