Gay porn legend Steve “The Spooge Sponge” Sharp finally found punishment even he couldn’t soak up yesterday on the set of his upcoming movie “Zoo Ty Coon.”

The plot of the movie called for Mr. Sharp to be abducted by African-American crime boss Ty Coon and locked in San Diego’s famous zoo. Mr. Coon then demanded “The Sponge” have intercourse with every animal by dawn, or he’ll be killed.

Travis Best, a cameraman on the shoot, picks up the story here. “Man, Steve was amazing. He had just deep-throated a zebra, given a sugar monkey a hand job, and he was getting pounded by a baby elephant. That guy’s a real pro. Then, out of nowhere, the gorilla broke loose and charged the set. Steve thought it was just part of the script, and instead of trying to protect himself, he just kept trying to suck it off. Long story short, he got messed up.”

Our hopes and best wishes are with Mr. Sharp tonight, and we can only hope he’ll be back on his knees for his next movie, “Hot Buggered Jungle Love.”