Here's The Good Stuff They're Sending To Other Stores

Here’s The Good Stuff They’re Sending To Other Stores

The Sports Authority in Fredericksburg, VA reminded me of a place that should be in the hood even though it wasn’t.

Tons of crap always littered the floor, the bathrooms would do a bus station proud and employees always seemed to have that bewildered 50-yard stare you normally only see in combat veterans and the insane.

Nonetheless, much like my crumbling marriage the store somehow managed to limp through year to year until executives announced last month the company was headed for bankruptcy and about 200 of its 450 stores were going to be closed.

Of course the Fredericksburg, VA store was on the chopping block because the place was terrible and resembled an indoor flea market, but I figured this would finally be the time that shithole would shine.

Lazy employees could just dump everything in a pile instead of even going through the pretense of sorting it, and a neon orange clearance sign would do the rest.


The vast majority of the stuff was only 10% off and all of the good stuff was loaded onto pallets to be shipped to stores that were staying open. And since this was still Sports Authority, they didn’t even bother doing it in the back. Pallets were just loaded and wrapped right in the middle of the aisles.

Well played Sports Authority.