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The “Occupy” protests may be supported by cynical politicians, super villain George Soros and left-wing media outlets who hope to capitalize on it, but the movement itself is comprised mostly of losers and screw-ups. This was clear Saturday and Sunday as Occupy Oakland “protesters” decided to occupy a vacant convention center.

Did they do this peacefully and rationally? Of course not. They started vandalizing construction equipment and destroying the property. After they were confronted by the cops, the “protesters” threw rocks, bottles, burning flares and reportedly, improvised explosives. Later some of them broke into City Hall, burned American flags, spray painted the walls, and I imagine threw more shit than at the monkey hut at the zoo.

What exactly are you morons trying to accomplish? You have no aims, aside from a vague call for change. You also bitch, piss and moan that your rights are being violated and you’re not being allowed to protest, but if you’re not supervised like children you break stuff and put things in your mouth you’re not supposed to.

Every time I see you pukes I almost wish I lived in Syria. At least then I’d know that every time I heard the sweet crack of a rifle, one of you was just removed from the gene pool.