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No matter what you do, someone is always going to complain. Even sanitized corporate shills like Carson Daly aren’t immune. Last week on his radio show he was discussing the JetBlue pilot meltdown, and he mentioned the flight was en route to a security convention in Vegas, and a bunch of “well trained dudes” were on hand to subdue the pilot.

He then went on to say that with his luck, he would have been on a plane full of gays heading to San Francisco for a pride rally. The implication was that effeminate dudes who spend their free time raising teacup poodles and trying to find that perfect V-neck t-shirt may be less equipped to deal with a dangerous situation than men who deal with criminals on a daily basis.

Predictably, a few professional gay advocacy groups complained, and Carson Daly gave in quicker than the pre-teen girls he used to molest backstage of MTV’s Total Request Live. He issued an apology for his “homophobic joke,” and groveled for forgiveness.

That joke may very well be the only funny thing Carson Daly has ever said, and he caught flak for it.

I don’t agree with this newly accepted domino theory of political correctness. Within the last 20 years the media has decided if anyone makes a statement that deviates from their professed dogma, it’s discriminatory, and that’s bullshit.

When I saw a priest brushing his teeth in an airport bathroom and asked if he was trying to get the taste of altar boy out of his mouth, was I being homophobic? No. I was being fucking hilarious, and there’s a difference. Comedy isn’t politics, and censorship is for pussies. Do you want to be a pussy?